Santeri Marjokorpi, General Secretary

Santeri Marjokorpi is General Secretary of The Theological Institute of Finland from April 2020.





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Timo Eskola, New Testament Scholar

Dr. Timo Eskola is our teacher in Biblical Criticism (New Testament). He has also served as a Privatdozent at the University of Helsinki (Department of Biblical Studies) since 1998. Eskolas´s second dissertation was written on Jesus-novels at the Faculty of Arts (2011). His recent projects include different themes on New Testament theology, biblical interpretation, theory of hermeneutics and semiotics. At the time, he is very fascinated by the new paradigm on the historical Jesus, focusing on the themes of exile and restoration, as well as the idea of the Church being the eschatoogical temple promised by the great prophets.

In addition to the scientific monographs listed below, Dr. Eskola has written several books on Paul, a commentary on Romans, studies on the question about the historical Jesus, and issues of methodology. He has also contributed to our website materials by writing on Biblical archaeology, New Testament interpretation and Introduction to the New Testament (in Finnish only). In addition to this, Eskola has written a few books on postmodernism, new atheism and ideological criticism. 

1. Degrees:

Dr. theol. 1992 (University of Helsinki), New Testament
Dr. phil. 2011 (University of Helsinki), Comparative literature
Privatdozent/ Dr. habil. 1998- (University of Helsinki), New Testament

2. Scientific monographs

Messias ja Jumalan Poika. Traditiokriittinen tutkimus kristologisesta jaksosta Room. 1:3,4. [diss.] Suomen eksegeettisen seuran julkaisuja 56. Helsinki: Suomen eksegeettinen seura. 1992. [Messiah and Son of God: A Tradition-Critical Study of the Christological Clauses in Romans 1:3,4]

Johdatus Uuden testamentin teologiaan.Iustitia 5. Helsinki: STI. 1994
(New Testament Theology)

Uuden testamentin hermeneutiikka. Yliopistopaino: Helsinki. 1995. [New Testament Hermeneutics]

Theodicy and Predestination in Pauline Soteriology. Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament. 2. Reihe 100. Mohr/Siebeck: Tübingen. 1998.

Messiah and the Throne. Jewish Merkabah Mysticism and Early Christian Exaltation discourse. Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament. 2. Reihe 142. Mohr/Siebeck: Tübingen. 2001.

Kielen vallankumous. Kielellinen käänne ja teologian postmodernismit. Helsinki: Suomalainen teologinen kirjallisuusseura. 2008. [Reforming Language: Linguistic Turn and the Postmodernism of Theology].

Evil Gods and Reckless Saviours: Adaptation and Appropriation in Late Twentieth Century Jesus-novels . [diss.] Eugene: Wipf and Stock (Pickwick). 2011.

Metodin jälkeen: esseitä Raamatun lukutavoista. Iustitia 27. Helsinki: STI. 2011. [After Method: Essays on New Readings on the Bible]

Uuden testamentin narratiivinen teologia. Kauniainen: Perussanoma. 2011. [A Narrative Theology of the New Testament]

Beyond Biblical Theology: Sacralized Culturalism in Heikki Räisänen’s Hermeneutics. BINS 123. Leiden: Brill. 2013.




Kirsi Hänninen, Secretary

Kirsi Hänninen takes care of most practical matters, as secretaries usually do.  She answeres the phone, keeps several registries and takes care of financial matters including bookkeeping. She also makes up publications of the Institute, e.g. the information bulletin Kulmakivi (Cornerstone), programmes and advertisements. Preparing administrative material for the meetings of the committees of the Institute and keeping the minutes also belong to her duties, as well as serving coffee. After Kirsi leaves at 4 p.m. there are voluntary workers helping with library work, copying, mailing and various other tasks.

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